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  • Deep House

    A slightly slower variant of house (around 120 BPM) with greater influences from soul, jazz, and funk.

  • Techno - Hard House

    Techno is a genre of electronic music that emerged in the United States in the mid-1980s. Most often composed in a home studio and reinterpreted by disc jockeys during festive practices, techno is above all dance music, in essence. repetitive.

    Hard house is a style of hard dance that emerged during the 1990s. It is characterized by a fast tempo (around 150 BPM), intermingled bass, horns and hysterical crowd sound samples. Fans of the genre are renowned for their extravagant and imaginative costumes

  • Trance - Dream

    Trance is a genre of electronic music that emerged in Germany in the early 1990s.

    It is characterized by a tempo oscillating between 125 and 160 beats per minute (BPM), repetitive melodic phrases, and a rising and falling musical form.

    Dream trance also called dream music or simply dream is a musical sub-genre of trance and house that emerged in the second half of the 1990s in Europe.

    Its particularity is to use in the foreground a synthesizer melody with a piano sound, all with a lot of soaring layers and techno beats.

    The album covers, whether they are singles, maxis, albums or compilations, almost systematically present idyllic or holographic landscapes (luminous skies, galaxies, imaginary planets, dazzling seas, dolphins, or butterflies).

  • Tribal House

    Tribal a musical style based on drum and percussion rhythms, to indicate a "primitive" aesthetic.

    It can emphasize simple, monotonous rhythms dominated by djembes, bongos, congas and other rhythmic sounds.

    Based on African or oriental rhythms, a "house" base and a progressive tendency, sometimes accompanied by vocals.

    Precursors of "Tribal Music" like Rick Pier O Neil, Dj Yaya, etc ....

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Showing 1 - 36 of 415 items