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  • Maxi New Wave
  • Cure ( The )
  • Depeche Mode
  • Erasure

    Erasure is a British synthpop group from London, England, and from the new wave current. He was formed in 1985 by Vince Clarke, a former founding member of the groups Depeche Mode and Yazoo, with Andy Bell, a young singer from Peterborough.

    Thirty-six years, fifty singles and 17 studio albums after its creation, Erasure is one of the rare electronic music groups from the 1980s to remain remarkably productive, without interruption or separation.

    Recognizable by the analog arrangements of Vince Clarke and the vocal harmonies of Andy Bell, Erasure signs more than 200 songs, including a number of hits that have established the international notoriety of the group, as well as many introspective ballads.

    Erasure sales are estimated at over 30 million albums worldwide

  • Joy Division
  • Kraftwerk

    Kraftwerk is a German electronic music group from Düsseldorf. He plays a leading role in the development of this music. His innovative and experimental productions influenced a number of 1980s new wave bands and many of their tracks are sampled from 1980s hip-hop, early 1990s house and techno...

    The group's sound is characterized by the combination of a bass line and an electronic rhythm with a harmonic structure and repetitive melodies made from synthesizers, accompanied by minimalist lyrics sung or "vocoded" in several languages (German, French, Spanish, English, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Polish).

  • New Order

    New Order are a British rock band from Manchester, England. Formed in 1980, in the midst of new wave, it was initially made up of the remaining members of the group Joy Division, whose singer Ian Curtis had just committed suicide.
    Following this drama, they opted for a name change and adopted that of New Order on a suggestion of their manager, Rob Gretton.
    This name, like that of Joy Division, has been the subject of controversy because it could allude to Nazism.

  • The Smiths

    The Smiths are an English rock band created in Manchester in 1982 by Morrissey, singer and lyricist, and Johnny Marr as composer and guitarist. The duo was then joined by Mike Joyce on drums and Andy Rourke on bass.

    The band broke up in 1987.The Smiths have become one of the most celebrated bands in the British rock pantheon. According to the BBC, they are "the band that inspires deeper devotion than any British band since the Beatles".

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