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  • Alizée

    Alizée, is a French singer, born on August 21, 1984 in Ajaccio, in Corse-du-Sud.

    After her participation in the program Graines de star, Alizée was spotted by the singer Mylène Farmer, who wrote two albums for her with Laurent Boutonnat (Gourmandises and My electric currents).

    Her first single, Moi... Lolita, was one of the hits of the 2000s in France, but also in Europe and Asia. Between 2000 and 2004, Alizée sold more than six million records.

    In 2007, Alizée became her own producer for her third album, Psychédélices, which established her reputation in Mexico, where she gave a series of sold-out concerts in 2008.

  • Michel Berger

    Michel Hamburger known as Michel Berger evolves in a privileged family environment. He inherits the undisputed talent of his mother Annette Haas, a brilliant pianist, and tries his hand at music. He auditioned, aged fifteen, and was noticed by the artistic director of Pathé Marconi. His worried mother encouraged him to complete his studies and Michel Berger obtained a master's degree in philosophy. Random encounters, he meets Véronique Sanson, of whom he also becomes its artistic director. The laudatory press and the enthusiastic public are ignited by a title of these two lovers: 'Need for anyone'. But Véronique Sanson abandons him and Michel Berger, overwhelmed, devotes himself to composition. He also works for Françoise Hardy, Johnny Halliday but also France Gall, his future companion. He is also at the initiative alongside Luc Plamandon of the illustrious musical: 'Starmania'.

  • Jacques Dutronc

    Jacques Dutronc is a French singer, songwriter and actor. As a singer he will become, through his collaboration with the lyricist Jacques Lanzmann, one of the notable celebrities of the yéyé era, notably with the hits Et moi et moi et moi, Mini mini mini, Les Play Boys, Les Cactus, I love girls, It's five o'clock Paris wakes up, etc ...

  • Mylène Farmer
  • Serge Gainsbourg
  • Jean Jacques Goldman

    Jean-Jacques Goldman is a French singer-songwriter, producer and solo guitarist of the French variety. After having played in the group of Red Mountain Gospellers as organist, he founded The Phalansters, then joined the group Taï Phong. But it was his solo career that allowed him to establish himself as one of the most popular singers of the 80s, with titles such as Suffice it for a Sign (1981), Quand la musique est bonne (1982). , I give you (1985) or Over there (1987). From 1990 to 1995, he was part of the "Fredericks Goldman Jones" trio with the Franco-Welshman Michael Jones and the American Carole Fredericks, before resuming a solo career, interrupted in 2004. In total, he sold more than 30 million of records in its own name.

  • Johnny Hallyday
  • Françoise Hardy

    Françoise Madeleine Hardy was born on January 17, 1944 in Paris. An introverted teenager in an evanescent family structure, the song is for her a real escape, even a therapy.

    The face of the sixties with her timeless hit "All boys and girls"

    The world of operetta fascinates her, she sings for herself arias that give her courage.

    Along with writing songs, she has an interest in astrology, which she sees as a complement to psychology.

  • Indochine
  • Claude Nougaro

    Claude Nougaro, born September 9, 1929 in Toulouse and died March 4, 2004 in Paris 5th arrondissement, is a French singer-songwriter and poet.

    A great lover of jazz, Latin and African music, playing on the musicality of words, he has applied himself throughout his career, in an unusual marriage of genres, to uniting French song, poetry and rhythm.

  • Renaud

    Renaud Séchan, dit Renaud, born May 11, 1952 in Paris, is a French singer-songwriter. With twenty-six albums sold, totaling nearly twenty million copies sold, he is one of the most popular singers in France. So here is Renaud who, with his flowery tongue, tells us about the monsters of nightmares, the ten-year-old friends with funny first names, the one who adds up the "bullshit" and the other who likes nothing, the absolute sulky. It was someone close to the singer who involuntarily gave him the idea for this song

  • Veronique Sanson

    The general public discovers a young woman singer-songwriter and pianist who sings original texts, with dreamlike accents on new and modern music with very Anglo-Saxon arrangements. The success is immediate, both in France and in Canada. In France, the single 45 rpm Besoin de personne has sold more than 100,000 copies. Véronique Sanson, born April 24, 1949 in Boulogne-Billancourt, is a French singer-songwriter and pianist. Véronique Sanson has obtained numerous prizes and decorations during her career, including three Victoires de la Musique and the Grand Médaille de la chanson française, awarded by the Académie française for her work as a whole. She is also an officer of the Order of Arts and Letters and a knight of the National Order of Merit.

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